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CelloBars are the most beautiful bar cabinets on the market. Exquisitely detailed with capacity for 6 or up to16 bottles and a set of drinking glasses. They are made of solid wood from the tree of Hevea Brasiliensis known as a Maple Tropical. Skillfully handcrafted by master wood artists in Guatemala City in Central America, CelloBars are exclusively designed for those who have almost everything.


The beautiful Maple Tropical wood goes through two treatments:


Chemical Treatment: This treatment consists in the impregnation by vacuum-pressure method to protect the wood from termites and moths.


Heat Treatment: During the drying cycle the timber is subjected to a temperature of over 60 degrees Celsius. This process guarantees the wood moisture content in a range of 8 to 12 percent, perfectly suitable for indoor use.


CelloBars are available in two sizes and four different finishes; Honey, Walnut, Montgomery and Walnut Dark.